Additional Services:

Midwifery Training:
In addition to working with medical, nursing, and physician assistant schools, CPR provides services to several Midwifery Programs. Alongside well-patient gynecologic exam education, and can also provide information & demonstration on Midwife-specific techniques such as pelvimetry & fundal height measurement.

Cytology Collection Demonstration and Occult Test Demonstration:
Our GTAs & MUTAs can provide your learners with a demonstration on how to effectively perform either or both of these tests.

Ultrasound Training:
CPRs instructors provide clinical & language guidance through trans-abdominal and trans-vaginal examinations. Our constructive feedback & patient empowerment model makes our GTAs and MUTAs the right choice for any ultrasound training.

For questions or to sign up for a training session, please contact Isle Polonko, Owner and Director of Clinical Practice Resources for Training and Education at 973-602-7783 or