Now recruiting for our Fall 2020 training!

Gynecological Teaching Associate Graduates

Whether you are interested in working for our program or just learning from the best, CPR-te offers comprehensive annual trainings & certifications for Gynecologic and Male Urogenital Teaching Associates.

As a Certified GTA or MUTA you will be teaching health care providers how to perform breast/chest, pelvic and urogenital examination techniques utilizing your body as the teaching tool. You will be both the patient and the instructor in this setting, guiding your students in appropriate language, physical examination techniques and ways in which your students can empower and educate their patients.

During our training you will receive sexual assault, domestic violence and LGBTQIA inclusion education. Training consists of weekly video conferences to review verbiage, 5-7 days of intensive hands-on training, a written exam and simulated teaching sessions.

Interested in Joining our Family?

We are looking for instructors that are reliable, have flexible schedules (sessions may take place weekdays, evenings and weekends), have access to transportation and have a passion for health and patient education. You must be comfortable with group instruction and be able to memorize a curriculum and effectively disseminate the information.  Most work takes place in the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, but we do often travel to other areas in the country for sessions.  Instructors must be able to supply their own transportation to and from sites.

To learn more or join the fall 2020 training list, please contact Isle Polonko, Owner and Director of CPR-Te at 973-602-7783 or