Presentations by Clinical Practice Resources to be Featured at ASPE 2021 Virtual Conference

This week, the Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) will host their 20th Annual Conference, on a virtual platform, from Sunday, June 27th to Wednesday, June 30th.

Featured as part of this program are two presentations by Clinical Practice Resources (CPR)’s Richard Claflin (Director and Lead MUTA Trainer) and Isle Polonko (Executive Director). The abstracts are as follows:


Creating an Excellent MUTA Program

Very little information is available for directors of MUTA programs despite the expectations associated with this demanding and highly sensitive instruction.  It is imperative to provide crucial information to directors and trainers who work with MUTA programs to ensure that excellent MUTA programs can be established and, once established, can thrive.  Because this is a growing area of education, this presentation seeks to identify and articulate the elements that are important for any program director or trainer to incorporate into their program.

This presentation will cover hiring and training practices for program directors to use in order to recruit and train exceptional MUTAs, how to oversee and guide a group of MUTAs, how to implement continuing education on the latest methodologies, how to handle common pitfalls, and how to establish empathy and foster interpersonal communication skills in MUTAs  in order to create an exemplary MUTA program.


Forensic Evidence Collection: Utilization of GTAs, MUTAs, and Transgender TAs in SANE Certification and Training

Utilization of GTAs is valued by many SANE programs, yet MUTAs and Trans TAs (TTAs) are rarely utilized in SANE programs and almost never for instruction of the urogenital exam.  Presenters will share information about their ongoing work involving use of GTAs, MUTAs and TTAs in SANE programming in NY, NJ and Alabama.

Drawing from actual experiences involving GTAs, MUTAs and TTAs, presenters will share approach, methodology and practical considerations when using these instructors in SANE programs to improve quality of care for a wide variety of assault victims.  Instructional methodology involves guided instruction by a GTA/MUTA/TTA in appropriate genital examinations skills, communication techniques to lower anxiety of victims, practice examination techniques for SANE attendees with immediate feedback, role-play scenarios and review of evidence collection kit components that may need to be re-considered for male or trans victims of assault.

[Forensic Evidence Collection: Utilization of GTAs, MUTAs, and Transgender TAs in SANE Certification and Training is presented in collaboration with Liana Hill (Forensic Nurse Examiner Program Director) of Crisis Services of North Alabama.]


These presentations will be featured as part of ASPE’s pre-recorded programming, available to all registered attendees on-demand for the duration of the conference.

The conference’s robust program will feature 56+ live sessions, 20 poster presentations, 25 pre-recorded snapshot presentations, and 18 pre-recorded presentations, with every session focusing on one of the following themes: SP Educator Development, Administration, GTA/MUTA, Curriculum/Case Development, or Advancing Your SPs.

CPR is proud to be represented in the GTA/MUTA category, and to be featured amongst this established group of peers that are leading the field of Standardized Patient methodology.

This will be CPR’s 15th time presenting at ASPE – Ms. Polonko has presented at ASPE every year from 2008 to 2016, and Mr. Claflin has presented every year from 2016 to 2020. They will be presenting together again this year at the 2021 conference.

Ms. Polonko and Mr. Claflin are also looking forward to presenting at numerous other conferences this year, including the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) 2021 Conference in September, and the Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) 2021 Conference in August. Look for additional information to come here on CPR’s website, regarding these upcoming presentations and other events.

More information about the ASPE 2021 Virtual Conference, including registration, can be found HERE.

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