Isle Polonko

Isle Polonko
Owner/ director

Isle Polonko is the premiere leader of GTA/MUTA education with a long and diverse history in the field. She trained as a GTA in the late 1980’s and was promoted to lead GTA trainer at New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers in 1994 under the direction of the program’s coordinator… more.

Richard Clafin

Richard Claflin
Managing Director and Lead MUTA Trainer

Richard Claflin is one of the country’s leading experts in the field of anxiety-free patient sensitivity training for medical practitioners. Having spent over a decade pioneering urogenital instruction for students at many of the nation’s best medical … more.

Stephanie Badu

Stephanie Badu
Assistant Director and
Lead GTA Trainer

Stephanie Badu is the Assistant Director and Lead GTA Trainer for Clinical Practice Resources. She has been a Gynecologic Teaching Associate and Standardized Patient since 2015 and has worked at numerous medical schools and teaching hospitals within the New Jersey… more.

Samm Maloney

Samm Maloney
Director of Curriculum Development

Samm Maloney is the Director of Curriculum Development at Clinical Practice Resources and is a recognized presenter in the field of GTA/MUTA education. She trained in 2005 as a Standardized Patient and GTA under Judi Marraccini and Isle Polonko.  more.

Lisa Faccas

LIsa Vega Faccas
Executive Assistant and
on-site Forensic GTA Supervisor

Lisa Vega Faccas is the Executive Assistant and onsite Forensic GTA Supervisor for Clinical Practice Resources. While Lisa has held many roles with the company over the years, her exceptional administrative skills are second to none. more.