Richard Claflin

Stephanie Badu is the new Assistant Director and Lead Trainer for Clinical Practice Resources. She has been a Gynecologic Teaching Associate and Standardized Patient since 2015 and has worked at numerous medical schools and teaching hospitals within the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Philadelphia area. She accepted the position of Assistant Director and Trainer in March 2019 and has operated alongside Isle Polonko and Samm Maloney in both well patient and specialized forensic GTA trainings. She has earned a degree in Biology from Felician University with a concentration in Chemistry and Psychology and has over a decade of management experience, several years of that being on site supervisory work for CPR in both SANE and well patient GTA labs. Stephanie ensures new GTA instructors are well-versed in GTA methodology and adjusts her teaching style to meet the needs of the trainees. With both new GTA trainees and with CPR’s program directors and learners, Stephanie utilizes empathy and anxiety reduction techniques so that the goals and objectives of GTA methodology are successfully met both behind the scenes and on site with CPR’s programs.

Stephanie has worked closely with program directors from the International Association of Forensic Nurses, conducting forensic GTA labs during SANE/SAFE certification trainings. Most of her work with SANE trainings is conducted within the New Jersey, New York metropolitan area. With her skill and developed passion, Stephanie is a dynamic instructor for SANE/SAFE candidates as she provides information on safe, effective pelvic exams designed to meet the needs of SANE/SAFE programming. She also trains all of CPR’s forensic GTA trainees. Stephanie has successfully fostered relationships with pioneers and leaders within the SANE/SAFE community and has been a liaison between the director of CPR, Isle Polonko and directors of training institutions. Stephanie’s educational background, total work experience and passion for education and this work, has made her an essential member of the Clinical Practice Resources management team.