Samm Maloney

Samm Maloney is the Director of Curriculum Development at Clinical Practice Resources and is a recognized presenter in the field of GTA/MUTA education. She trained in 2005 as a Standardized Patient and GTA under Judi Marraccini and Isle Polonko. In 2011, Samm began her journey as a GTA trainer and took on the role of Senior Program Assistant at New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers, in 2013. She has worked alongside Isle Polonko in the administration of grants and has been in the
forefront of GTA training for SAFE/SANE education. Recently, Samm completed work as primary author for the new GTA Train the Trainer Curriculum based on the past work of Isle Polonko. The new all inclusive GTA Curriculum ensures the latest techniques for GTA teaching are included and current requirements for student/patient interaction are met.

Samm is a recognized leader in LGBTQIA+ simulation education, and for a number of years, has run seminars, trainings, and presentations on inclusive practices. She is the author of the first Transgender GTA/MUTA curriculum and a co-author of the first MUTA Train the Trainer
Curriculum. Since 2007 she has been a workshop presenter at the Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) annual conference and served as Chair of the international GTA/MUTA Special Interest Group from 2016 to 2017. Samm is also a co-founder of IGMA, the International GTA/MUTA Association and sits on the Board of the organization working to promote the gold standards of GTA/MUTA methodology.

Samm’s focus is to create more specialized curricula and resources for building patient-provider relationships with marginalized groups. Ms. Maloney’s dedication to the field of GTA/MUTA, her support in a variety of creative programming, and her advocacy on behalf of compassionate utilization of GTA and MUTA methodology make her an invaluable member of the CPR team!