CPR Directors Slated for Five Presentations at IAFN Conference This Week

Managing Director Richard Clafin and Director of Curriculum Development Samm Maloney

This week, Clinical Practice Resources Director, Richard Claflin, and Executive Director, Isle Polonko, as well as Samm Maloney, Curriculum Development Director, will present 5 different workshops on use of GTA and MUTA methodology in sexual assault forensic evidence training for SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) and SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner) programming. The IAFN, International Association of Forensic Nurses is holding their annual conference in New Orleans and CPR will have a strong presence. Ms. Polonko is also presenting with Eileen Allen adjunct Professor at Monmouth University, Forensic Nursing Graduate Program and SANE Program Coordinator and Liana Hill, Director Crisis Services of North Alabama and SANE Program Coordinator and colleague Scott George, Executive Director of Clinical Skills USA. Presentations cover critical information from trans health to Standards of Best Practices in simulation and will be presented over the course of 4 days. All three CPR Directors are recognized leaders in the field of GTA MUTA methodology and all are founding members of IGMA, the International GTA MUTA Association.

Less than a decade ago, GTAs were not used in simulation in SANE or SAFE training. GTAs reviewed safe, effective invasive pelvic examination techniques in some programs, but use of GTAs in simulation to provide opportunities for SANE trainees to practice the forensic evidence collection on simulated patients, was simply not done. A couple of critical studies were done in 2010 and again in 2014 that highlighted efficacy and benefits of using the specialized skills of highly trained GTAs in this way and everything changed. Today programs are still working on protocol and measures of safety for use of GTAs in this kind of simulation. Inclusion of MUTAs is an even rarer phenomenon. Addressing these issues in order to create opportunities for successful collaboration and safe, effective use of GTAs and MUTAs will be the ultimate goals of these presentations.

If you have a need for GTAs or MUTAs at your program or are interested in learning more about this work, email Isle Polonko at or Richard Claflin at for more information. Also, consider attending the IAFN Conference and learn more about the advancements being made in the field of sexual assault nurse examination. Visit www.IAFN.orgto sign up to attend the conference. Come join us in New Orleans!