New Forensic GTA Program at Crisis Services of North Alabama

The utilization of GTAs in Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) programming is a collaboration that improves quality of care for sexual assault trauma survivors by improving training outcomes for attendees. For many years, GTAs have provided instruction and/or review of pelvic exam techniques during didactic components of SANE training. Recently, over the course of the last couple of years, utilization of the specialized skills of GTAs in SANE programming has expanded to include simulated encounters during the clinical skills components as well as opportunities for attendees to practice speculum insertions to competency.

Crisis Services of North Alabama has an exceptional program providing numerous onsite services for victims of sexual assault. Recently, CPR teamed up with Crisis Services of North Alabama to help set up an in-house forensic GTA program to provide services for trainees as Director, Liana Hill, works to get set up as a clinical skills site for SANE training. The experience was wonderful and the group of women studying to be forensic GTAs (Gynecologic Teaching Associates who receive specialized training to work specifically in SANE/SAFE programming) were just exceptional. They worked hard, learned extensive and difficult curriculum and displayed a level of dedication that is rare in the field.

CPR would like to extend a warm thank you to dynamic Director, Liana Hill, and on-staff forensic nurse examiner Kimberly Clanton for welcoming CPR staff and working so hard with us to make the training a success. The training could not have achieved this level of success had it not been for the kindness and support your showed us. Additionally, a thank you to Karen Reed for all her help in getting everything done before our arrival. And, of course we want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to these exceptional women who will be working in the field of sexual assault forensic evidence training to improve quality of patient care. You are extraordinary and should be very, very proud of all you have accomplished.

If you are interested in utilizing these highly trained GTAs in your SANE or SAFE training programs, please reach out to Karen Reed at Crisis Services of North Alabama. Her contact number is 256-705-6772. These group of women are one of precious few highly trained instructors in the field and would be an asset to your program. Congratulations GTAs and Crisis Services of North Alabama!