CPR’s Managing Director, Richard Claflin’s, new publication finds the heart of the issue

Richard Clafin

I have just returned from a trip out west and as I catch up on work for this thriving company, I opened a link from our Managing Director, Richard Claflin.  I was blown away by the exceptional article he wrote for Education Update, online.  As Richard shared his story about his journey into this unusual but vital work, all I could think was that he had truly reached into the heart of this work and captured it in the written word. I encourage you to open the link and read this article.   http://educationupdate.com/homeroom/2018/03/solving-a-medical-school-dilemma-who-wants-to-be-the-proctologists-very-first-patient.html#.WsJZJMgh3eQ

Thank you Richard, for taking the time to reach out about the work that you do.  It is so important to the health and well being of every patient and vital to the goal of a medical community in dialog and equal partnership with patients.  In gratitude, Isle Polonko,