Transgender Training at ASPE by CPR’s Samm Maloney

Samm Maloney is Clinical Practice Resources’ Assistant Director.  She has a highly successful history in the field of GTA/MUTA.  Her dedication to and expertise with issues affecting LGBTQIA communities were catalysts in the development of innovative protocol and curriculum for utilization of the specialized skills of GTAs and MUTAs in sensitivity training regarding for LGBTQIA issues in medicine.  Ms. Maloney’s workshops at ASPE are always one of the most highly attended and actively sought after.  Here is information on both her workshops.

Trans-Cending Boundaries: Intro to Trans Health
In it’s 3rd year, this incredible Transgender 101 workshop gives attendees the tools to understand and represent Trans and Gender-Variant patient needs in their Standardized Patient (SP) and GTA/MUTA programs. Samm reviews specific adversities, language, and biases to consider, as well as how to incorporate trans/GV cases/SPs/GTAs/MUTAs into your program.

Introducing Inclusivity: The Importance of LGBTQIA Normalization
In this discussion Samm will review the importance of incorporating LGBTQIA cases and SP/GTA/MUTAs into your program, how to create safe space at your center for LGBTQIA, and troubleshoot issues participants are facing.

Ms. Maloney’s work in this field is brand new, innovative and unsurpassed. If you are wondering how to incorporate LGBTQIA initiatives into your program utilizing GTAs/MUTAs and SPs or just want to learn more about the issues, come visit us at the ASPE conference, June 4 through the 7 and be a part of the discussion!